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Welcome To is a global asset management group incorporated in Finland and focused on providing high quality, long-term investment capabilities to clients. We bring together independent teams of active, specialist investors who share a common commitment to responsible investment principles.

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Together, we offer a comprehensive suite of active investment capabilities across global and regional equities, cash and fixed income, infrastructure and multi-asset solutions, all with a shared purpose to deliver sustainable investment success.
We are dedicated to providing world-leading investment expertise and client solutions, led by our Principles of Responsible Investment and Stewardship. These principles are integral to each investment team, our overall business management and the culture of the firm. A specialist responsible investment team supports the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into our processes, and provides a forum for collaboration on emerging ESG issues.
We offer a comprehensive suite of investment capabilities across a number of sought-after asset classes. we recognise that the individual and collective decisions we make as investors have far-reaching implications. We firmly believe that an emphasis on stewardship underpins the quality of our investment process and is part of our broader social license to operate. For more than a decade our responsible investment (RI) strategy has focused on enhancing the quality and relevance of our investment capabilities, embedding a culture of stewardship across the organisation and industry more generally, and engaging all our employees in our RI work.

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Cryptodc Jan-16-2021 04:27:01 PM $29.04
Avenir Jan-16-2021 02:23:24 PM $15.12
Aktifspor Jan-16-2021 09:05:29 AM $16.76
tejano28 Jan-15-2021 02:49:25 PM $17.62
dominik2040 Jan-14-2021 06:46:49 PM $164.00
dominik2040 Jan-14-2021 05:12:12 PM $300.00
Cryptodc Jan-14-2021 01:14:46 PM $78.81
Bernice Jan-14-2021 02:10:44 AM $1024.99
JAKY12 Jan-13-2021 11:13:01 PM $14.63
Cryptodc Jan-13-2021 07:53:40 PM $17.32
UserName Date Currency Price
negus1967 Jan-15-2021 11:11:20 AM $39.38
YOUSRAM Jan-15-2021 11:10:46 AM $5.40
cris3x Jan-15-2021 11:10:46 AM $19.87
zunder Jan-15-2021 11:10:20 AM $14.00
Shahzad2020 Jan-15-2021 11:10:19 AM $16.50
novillae Jan-15-2021 11:10:19 AM $30.00
cryptoweb Jan-15-2021 11:09:31 AM $28.00
IAM Jan-15-2021 11:09:30 AM $8.64
Houde Jan-15-2021 11:09:30 AM $185.09
apple Jan-15-2021 11:09:29 AM $14.40


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